Bioclimatic pergola

An outdoor living space

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The Pergola, a concentration of design innovations for your comfort and satisfaction

Lunch in the sun on the terrace, reading outdoors, sheltered from the wind and rain, or dining with friends under a starry sky, every aspect of outdoor living offers a great source of well-being.


The Concept Alu Pergola offers a unique outdoor living space.

Your trust in us is based on the satisfaction of our pergola customers over many years. LA Pergola was designed by the Concept Alu Research & Development team for your comfort and long-term satisfaction.

In harmony with the natural elements, the sunlight and natural air circulation, our pergola solutions offer the highest level of bioclimatic comfort.

Our attractive designs blend in perfectly with your existing home structures.

And finally, our designs are modular and can be reinvented according to your needs: upgrade your pergola by retrofitting additional lighting, sun protection and home automation solutions without compromising on aesthetics.

Full integration

The Concept Alu pergola is exclusive and innovative with attractive designs offering comfort solutions that are easily integrated into the structure and are therefore not visible.

  • Greater aesthetics : comfort solutions are integrated into the structure (sun protection, lighting, glazed frames, etc.)
  • Greater comfort : comfort solutions can be added at a later date
  • More innovative : a slope integrated into the gutter frame and the slats facilitates water drainage
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Adjustable aluminium blades

The LA pergola is a space for outdoor living, whatever the weather, leave the slats open to enjoy the sunshine, or on the contrary, choose to close the slats for protection against the rain and adverse weather conditions. The mobility of the slats makes the pergola a truly bioclimatic space.

Our exclusive Concept Alu slats have been designed for your comfort :

  • attractive, contemporary style
  • easy to maintain
  • two positions to choose from : parallel or perpendicular to the façade of the house
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A customisable roof

The choice of pergola is personal and depends on your needs, so we have designed a selection of roofing options to choose from :

  • roof with motorised adjustable slats over the entire surface to enjoy the benefits of the sun over the entire surface of the roof
  • mixed roofing : motorised adjustable slats + glass panelling. A section of glass panelling on the roof of your pergola ensures that the adjoining room in your home is flooded with light
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Even more options for extra comfort

We know that outdoor living offers a great source of well-being, so we have developed additional comfort solutions to meet all your needs :

  • integration of roof heating
  • a 100% connected pergola :
    • lighting control, slat orientation and zip screen operation from your smartphone
    • electrical and/or USB sockets integrated into the pole

The choice is yours !


  • Free-standing or adjacent
  • dimensions: 4.6 x 6.24 m custom-made, with tab cuts
  • No screws showing
  • Peripheral gutter frame compliant with French professional regulations
  • Colour: an infinite range of colours in satin, sandblasted or fine structure finish

Option : double sealing


  • Integrated sliding doors
  • Integrated rainwater downpipe
  • Section 150 x 150 mm
  • Option : off-set post


  • Comes in black or white
  • Double wall
  • Curved shape for water drainage
  • Actuator driven
  • Lighting option

Direct lighting around the edges

  • RGB or white
  • Perfectly integrated and with an attractive design.
  • Dimmer switch

Direct lighting integrated into the slat

  • RGB or white
  • Along the whole length of the slat
  • With dimmer switch

Home automation

  • Controls blades, zip screen blinds, lighting, etc.
  • Smartphone control option

Zip screen blind

  • Blackout system
  • Privacy screening, protects from sun and mosquitos
  • Large size: max. width 6,000 mm
  • Motorised micro perforated fabric
  • Choice of fabric colours

Sliding glass door

  • Large size: max. width 6,000 mm
  • Protection from wind and adverse weather conditions
  • Integration of zip screen and sliding glass doors possible on the same façade


The heating option is an additional comfort solution that allows you to use the pergola later into the season.

  • Comes in black or white
  • Power: 2,400 w or 3,200 w

Socket and USB port

This additional option allows you to optimise the comfort of your pergola.

Wind/freeze/rain sensors

A complementary option for your pergola to bring you comfort and satisfaction.

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