Struggling to choose between a wooden pergola, an iron pergola or an aluminium pergola ? Let’s go over the most efficient and durable materials for your pergola. It can be difficult to choose between performance and style; between a wooden pergola and a wrought iron pergola. When it comes to style, the choice is yours – you can choose whatever you feel would best match the architecture of your home. As for the frame and structure, however, it is important to be aware of which materials are the most durable in order to build a long-lasting patio pergola.

Wooden pergola

Welcoming, attractive, accessible and natural; wooden pergolas make your garden stand out with the addition of climbing plants. However, they require diligent maintenance to prevent them from rotting. It is therefore difficult to maintain long-term and its pillars can quickly rot.

Wrought iron pergola

Wrought iron pergolas are more expensive than wooden pergolas, but offers as much charm as a patio pergola. Anti-rust treatment and very frequent maintenance will be required to make it last long-term.

Aluminium pergolas offer significant benefits

For shaded patios, an aluminium pergola is a logical first choice. It is easy to maintain, light yet sturdy, modern and customisable; aluminium pergolas provide you with a long-lasting space for relaxation that requires little maintenance. No need to worry about rust or bad weather! Its aluminium frame easily resists wind, UV rays and climate fluctuations. With the added bonus of significant possible colour customisation, aluminium has proven to be an ideal material for a pergola.

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