Having lunch on the patio, lounging on a deckchair, having a relaxing time outside, whatever the weather – is this what your dreams are made of ? If a garden pergola is a good option for you, we recommend a bioclimatic pergola, so you can enjoy your patio whatever the season.

As well offering an attractive modern pergola design which fits in with any architecture and garden style, bioclimatic pergolas are an eco-friendly solution that will help you to reduce your energy consumption. How ? We’ll show you

What is a bioclimatic pergola ?

The aluminium bioclimatic pergola stands out through its modern design and cubic structure with its 4 vertical legs and horizontal roof. What sets it apart from other pergolas is its roof with slats that can be adjusted (either manually or using a remote control) depending on the weather.

Open the slats to let air and light pass through, tilt them to create shade depending on the position of the sun, or close them to make the roof watertight when it rains or if the sunlight is too strong. Note that a bioclimatic pergola will only be perfectly waterproof if it has small gutters hidden in the uprights.

The Alu Concept pergola : a sound investment to enjoy your terrace all year round

Make your bioclimatic pergola a living space in its own right. Enjoy your garden whatever the season by sheltering under a pergola that you can adjust according to weather conditions.

Thanks to its remote-controlled rotating slats, you can create shade when the sunlight is bothering you and let the air and light filter as much as you like. Its perfectly sealed roof also protects you from rain and snow.

Its aluminium structure guarantees durability and excellent weather resistance (wind, rain, UV rays). A reliable, long-lasting and low maintenance material.

LA Pergola Concept Alu

Concept Alu provides you with customisation options for your bioclimatic pergola :

  • Choose a full roof with motorised rotating slats or add a glass section so as not to overshadow the room in your house adjoining the pergola.
  • Add extra comfort amenities (lighting, heating, solar protection, glass frame, electrical and/or USB sockets, home automation, etc.) to get even more out of your pergola !